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Krom Boomssloot 22 – II, 1011 GW Amsterdam


Call WeJane

Greet: +31 6 53405125 / Wendy: +31 6 46426443


Mail WeJane

greet[@]wejane.com / wendy[@]wejane.com



How to get to WeJane?

By public transport

From Amsterdam Central Station take the tube to Nieuwmarkt.

Follow the sign Koningsstraat. When outside turn right and right again. You’re at Krom Boomssloot. Walk 100 meters and WeJane is on your right hand side. A big yellow building – the Armenian Church. We’re on the second floor.


By car

Coming from Amersfoort take exit S112. Follow the signs Centrum.

Follow the Gooiseweg till the big roundabout (Prins Bernhardplein), first turn left and drive all the way to the next roundabout (Mr Visserplein).

Keep right (Valkenburgerstraat). First traffic lights turn right and park your car at parking Markenhove. Leave parking and walk back to the big roudabout. Cross the street to the left, pass Albert Heijn

and turn right at Hema. Second street to the left, cross the bridge and walk into the Koningsstraat. Over the bridge immediately turn left and you see the big yellow building of the Armenian church. You’ve reached your destination. We’re at the second floor.


Entering from the North side

Take exit S116, cross the IJ-tunnel, straight on. First traffic lights turn left and you can enter parking Markenhove. Leave the parking, follow the big street and cross the pedestrian crossing to the left. Follow your way past Albert Heijn

and turn turn right at Hema. Second street to the left, cross the bridge and walk

into the Koningsstraat. Over the bridge immediately turn left and you see the big yellow building of the Armenian church. You’ve reached your destination. We’re at the second floor.

Of course you can try to find a parking spot nearby. Sometimes you might be lucky – often you’re not.


By bike

We’re on the canal parallel to the Nieuwmarkt. From Central Station bike

to the Waag – historic site on the Nieuwmarkt – turn left to the Recht Boomssloot and turn right to Krom Boomssloot.


On foot

From Central Station turn left. Cross the street and turn right to the

Gelderse Kade follow your way past restaurants, biks shops, chinese doctors and stores. After a few minutes the historical Waag is on your right hand side.

Turn left at cafe De Fonteyn and you will cross the Krom Boomssloot, go left, we’re

directly at the corner, a big building on the left hand side.


If you cannot find us, just give us a call at +31 6 46426443.