A different view, better insights

WeJane explores what drives people. And thereby we often have a bit different view. Resulting in new perspectives for marketing, communication or innovation.

About WeJane

WeJane is different from most other research agencies.

What we do

Understanding people; their behaviour, their considerations, their choices, their

ambitions. Creating insights that can make a difference for your brand, company or organisation.


In research we like to go beyond the traditional focusgroup. We’re standing with our feet in the clay with farmers to check their boots. We go shopping

with consumers, or stick our head in their freezer to see what kind of snacks they have in stock. Together with our clients we translate consumer stories into

concrete implications and actions. We like to think along, come up with ideas and stimulate. Enthusiasm is in our blood.

Who is WeJane?

The story of Greet Sterenberg

I’m a sociologist and had a long and intensive career at Research International. I coordinated international research on consumer insights from food to mobile phones and everything in between. I was awarded for my work on different occassions. I’m analytical and pragmatic with a creative bite.


The story of Wendy Hesseling

After studying communication sciences I ended up in the wonderful world of advertising. Leo Burnett was my home for more than 20 years. Started of as researcher, then became strategy director. Leo Burnett contaminated me with the virus of conceptual thinking. It never went away. I am an intuitive and creative type of person but never loose sight of the goals.

Our network

For international research we partner with like-minded agencies abroad.

From Germany to the US. Researchers we all know personally. We know they are highly capable, very experienced, and have a keen eye for our clients demands.


For fresh perspectives we partner – where and if relevant – with creatives

we admire for their vision and skills. Like Bertil Dubach, a highly professional editor who earned his mark in tv, documentary films and advertising.

Or Raymond Waltjen – art director and photographer with a proven track record.